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The WCPA appreciates any donations of whatever amount of money or time you can spare. The park has been primarily funded by the generosity of our community. As we head into the final phase of park development, completion is finally within sight. Online donations are processed through PayPal, no account needed to donate.

WCPA- Board Of Directors

Ann Frodel: Chair

Ellen Clarke: Treasurer
Jeanne McCarty: Secretary

Board Members:
Marianne Brevard
Colleen Coleman
Joan Chase
Peter Cornelison
Adrienne Davis
Marge Gale
Kris Gann
Elke Geiger
Linda Nice Maddox
Aspen McKenna
Kateri Osborne
Jane Parker
Jill Peterson
John Ritter
Bonnie Taylor

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Sonya Itchkavich-Levasseur

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